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Acoustic Products
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Industrial Sound and Vision, LLC
Products Include:

- Acoustic Absorber Panels / Systems
- Acoustic Diffuser Panels / Systems
- Combination Absorber / Diffuser Acoustic Panels
- Sound Isolation Clips (far superior to resilient channels)
- Limp Mass Vinyl Barriers (LMVB)
- Sound-Rated Acoustical Door Assemblies & Add-on Door Seals
- Acoustically Transparent Fabrics
- Fabric Wall Assemblies
- “Bass Traps” including Helmholtz - type Tuned Resonators
- “Framed Art” Acoustic Panels
- Acoustic Absorber / Diffuser Panels with Fiber Optics (starfield)
- Acoustically “Floated” Floor Assemblies
- Acoustically “Floated” Wall and Ceiling Assemblies
- Visoelastic Floor Padding Material for Carpet Underlayment
- Visoelastic Floor Padding Material for Hardwood Floors
- Visoelastic Floor Padding Material for Ceramic / Marble Floors
- Acoustic Caulk
- HVAC Duct Silencers
- Mechanical Isolation Hangers, Mounts & Pads
- And Much More...

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Industrial Sound and Vision, LLC is an authorized dealer / distributor of many types of Room Acoustic Treatment Products and Specialty Building Materials that not only improve the acoustics within a room, but also greatly diminish unwanted sounds and noises from penetrating walls, floors and ceilings. Our products perfect the sound of a room while making it all look great.

We have long-standing relationships with the following featured manufacturers. Let us use our years of experience to select the correct products from these fine manufacturers to fit YOUR specific application.